Difference between Investment Casting and Die Casting

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Difference between Investment Casting and Die Casting

One of the traditional and oldest techniques is “Casting”, in which material is converted into liquid form/texture and then molded into desired shape or figure.Then removing piece from the mold and applying finishing actions to create impressive end product. Main aim to follow this process is to create hard and hollow designs for different industries such as aerospace to electronics.

                                                 Die Casting

For the different applications, shapes and designs discrete approaches are applied in casting. In investment casting a key benefit is changeability of mold, which gives relaxation and freedom to manufacturer while, create investment casting products. For the mechanical application manufacturer will preferred steel investment castings for better strength.

                                              Investment Casting

Investment casting will be applicable in many industries which develop few hundreds of products at a time. Because of the reusability in investment casting, it’s highly desirable procedure for manufacturer. It’s ceramic and wax can be reused, ceramic molds will be re-processed for outer layer of new molds whereas wax will be re-set into gates and risers.

Take look primary advantages of Investment Casting & Die Casting

  Serial      Num

          Investment Casting

                      Die Casting


 Mainly used for critical and complex designs

 Mainly used for simple designs


 Applicable in tight tolerance

 Used for develop great dimensional tolerance


 Greater finished surface

 Average finished surface


 Additional instrument needed

 Few additional instruments needed


 Restrictions for few product size

 Restrictions for few product size


 Tooling costs is low

 Tooling costs is high


 Proper for ferrous & non-ferrous metals

 Proper for consistent & repeatable parts


 Manufacturing cost is high

 Manufacturing cost is low


 Perfect for multifaceted projects

 Perfect for high-volume projects


 Wax pattern is created while manufacturing

 Steel die is created while manufacturing













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