Duplex castings

Energy Technocast produce wide range of superior grades of duplex stainless steel casting and their joins. The main material which is used known as super duplex stainless steel because of the corrosion resistance as well as alloy content is much higher than other simple duplex casting.

For better resistance to chloride pitting and stress corrosion cracking it includes PREN - Pitting Resistance Equivalency Number. Many industries as well as major stainless steel mills are offered duplex stainless steel casting. Major advantages are • Reliable cost • Superior quality • Great price stability • More power • Low weight because of higher strength • Superior weathering resistance particularly stress corrosion cracking For efficient and accurate duplex casting, a perfect destination is Energy Technocast.


For futher details on developing casting products contact Energy Technocast Pvt Ltd at: Info@energytechnocast.com