Investment casting foundry

In investment casting foundry, lost wax process of casting offers reasonable precision as well as other than fabrication or forgings machined bar. Investment casting process in Energy Technocast is remarkable, trustworthy as well as assuring superior quality as per you specification. Most metal components are manufactured in investment casting foundry but the applications are very limited.

Energy Technocast manufactured different type of casting as well as various parts which is useful in distinct application. Huge range of materials like high strength steels, high alloys, nickel based alloys, duplex, super duplex steels, Copper based alloy casting, Cobalt base alloy casting, and Super alloy castings etc. We always believe in standard as well as quality that why we always followed international standard and specification for reliable use and accuracy.

Energy Technocast is very popular investment casting foundry located in Rajkot city because of our perfection in quality and standard. We are also manufacturing compound and critical casting components.


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