Investment Casting Manufacturer

In industry well-known and efficient process is an Investment casting which is totally based on lost-wax casting, it’s a traditional technique of metal-forming. In early days, beeswax was used for pattern formation, but now days advanced polishes, refractory materials and specialist alloys are much popular and usable which produce component with correctness, repeatability, flexibility and integrity in variety of metals.

As name suggest investment casting its invested means enclosed with refectory ceramic material. After this ceramic material gets tough, casting shape automatically placed because of its inner geometry. Exclusive mixture of high technology foundry can make casting with superior accuracy and great quality. In the manufacturing units the process includes dental fixtures, gears, cams, ratchets, jewelry, turbine blades, device components and other parts of complex geometry.

Energy Technocast is able to manufacture any casting inquiries with superior quality assurance whether it’s necessary for construction based on drawing or sample goods.


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